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95% of people qualify for health insurance where they can obtain a subsidy from the State. Registration remains open

At Zuror Insurance we work with all insurance companies and we provide you with the necessary information so that you can obtain the best coverage according to your needs and those of your loved ones.

We work with the best companies
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Frequent Questions

We have experience in selling health and life insurance for more than 7 years in the US, thousands of satisfied customers for the customer service and support we provide after the sale of the insurance. Advice during the period that the insurance policy is active, a licensed agent will be at your side when you need it.
Likewise, we consider the protection and confidentiality of our clients' information to be essential.

Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Accident Insurance

To be eligible for the different types of insurance, you must meet certain requirements, according to the characteristics of your family group, income, place of residence, immigration status and others.
We have specialized insurance advisors who in less than 3 minutes can guide you to make the most appropriate and safe selection for you and your family.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly called the Obamacare law, if you have pre-existing conditions and reside in the United States, you can apply for health coverage.
Depending on your income and other factors, you may be eligible to receive a subsidy to help you pay for your health plan.

Having health insurance in the USA is important for several reasons.

– Access to medical care, having a network of doctors, hospitals and clinics, without having to wait too long or face access restrictions.
– High medical costs. In the USA, medical health services are usually very expensive even for basic consultations and procedures, which can generate a significant financial burden, in many cases they could lead to bankruptcy.
– Financial Protection, health insurance acts as financial protection in the event of serious illness or injury, as it will pay a significant percentage in case something unexpected happens.

In addition, most insurances cover 100% preventive services, such as regular check-ups and routine exams, which encourages care and early detection of diseases.

Por supuesto que si, si te ocurrió algún cambio de vida puedes hacerlo. Como por ejemplo:

- You moved.
- You married.
– You lost Health coverage.
– Recent loss of Medicaid.
– You changed your immigration status.

Our approach is very clear, our clients take the protection of their loved ones very seriously and at Zuror Group we work every day to keep the information in order and accurate, thus guaranteeing the peace of mind that they deserve.
We also know that response time in each situation is of utmost importance to our clients, which is why we respond quickly.

– Obamacare is a Law that provides a monthly credit to cover the total or partial payment of your health insurance, after completing the application and meeting the requirements.

– Medicaid is state aid that the government grants to groups with less income or more needs, this is free insurance.

– Medicare is a benefit for people over 65 years of age who have worked in the United States for 40 or more quarters.

Fill out an application for Obamacare, there is NO cost, this is a free service.

It is an essential requirement that taxes be declared each year and that they coincide with the information in the Obamacare application so that there are no contradictions between what is declared in your insurance and in your taxes.
Depending on your income, the subsidy you will receive to pay for your health insurance is determined.

In 2017, President Donald Trump eliminated the obligation and fine for not having health insurance.

It is an essential requirement to have immigration status to qualify for this program. The beneficiaries must be citizens, residents, have a work permit or some immigration status.


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Yartzi Cabrera
Yartzi Cabrera@yaritzacabrera
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What I liked most is that year after year they clarify all my doubts, answer my calls if I need anything additional. I showed up during the year
Fernanda Gomez
Fernanda Gomez@fernandaG
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I was very satisfied with their attention, they clarified all my doubts, they advised me in the best way to have health insurance in accordance with my family group. recommended!
Rodamry Machado
Rodamry Machado@rodmamachado
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They offer good customer service, they guided me through the entire process to obtain an extremely affordable Obamacare insurance policy. They speak Spanish and English

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